Short-term rental for traveling

Reserve for short-term CPAP rental for your stay in Japan!

- No need for carrying CPAP with you for your trip to Japan.
- No worry for customs clearance.
- Delivery of CPAP to your hotel.
※physician’s prescription with pressure settings required

1-week or 1-month rental of a small-type CPAP

For those who travel a lot
We recommend the portable Transcend Auto CPAP, which can be used anywhere.

What is the Transcend Auto?

  1. Lightweight at only 430g, easily fits into a bag.
  2. Proven to deliver same performance as regular CPAP devices.
  3. With several power supply options, this CPAP can be used anywhere when traveling or even camping.

Various Power Supply Options

Battery charger, cigaretter ligher outlet, solar panel

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