Testimonials of Patients Who Purchased Our CPAPs

43-year old Man working at Trading Company
Received an overseas assignment where my CPAP would not be covered by insurance. The CPAP I purchased was different from the one I was using, but could use with no problems. My company even provided assistance to purchase the CPAP. With inventory in Tokyo, I could quickly receive the CPAP, which was a big relief.
68-year old Man, self-employed
It was difficult to make clinic visits so I decided to purchase a CPAP after consulting with my doctor. When the device needed repair, I could quickly receive a replacement device, which was a relief. Although purchasing from abroad may be cheaper, I learned that if it breaks down, you cannot get it repaired. I wish to use for a long-time without worry.
58-year old Woman, housewife
After being told I had a snoring problem, I got checked and was diagnosed with sleep apnea. When my husband got assigned to work abroad, I decided to purchase a CPAP since Japan insurance could not be used.
70-year old Woman, retired
While traveling my friend pointed out that I snore. At first I received CPAP treatment under the Japan insurance system, but when I travel, the device is too bulky and difficult to carry. I was using an oral appliance for traveling, but decided to purchase a small CPAP, which I can bring on an airplane as a carry-on.
52-year old man , Company Manager
I have routine checks for insurance covered CPAP, but since carrying it is troublesome I decided to purchase a 2nd unit.
82-year old man, retired
Not going to use this testimony for the English site
40-year old man, company employee
My sleep test results did not qualify me for insurance coverage for CPAP, but I was very symptomatic. Thus, I decided to purchase a CPAP out of my pocket after consulting with my physician.